Challanging a Leader

I have touched on this topic in other posts briefly but I would like to elaborate.

In the world we live in  today we are accustom to seeing a lot of corruption and dishonesty. In various places we see that the motives of leaders are for just the leader’s self interest. A leader must have clear motives and he or she must be able to expect arguments, debates, or challenges by their followers. This is an expectation of being a leader.

Your team and others will question the ways you go about completing a task or goal.  You must remember that arguing, debating and challenging others is the only way one learns (according to Socrates). Socrates also said that we must do this to learn from one another.

You also see this in the animal kingdom with the alpha male in various groups of animals. This is a natural thing that species do.

Lets look at a wolf pack for example. They have an alpha male currently who has been the leader of the pack for the past ten years. Well here comes a younger and bigger male wanting to become the leader of the pack. They both challenge one another but the older dominant male wins based on experience. It is a basic function to be challenged being in the position of a leader.

Look at Socrates and some of his debates that he had with other challengers. So to sum it up if you are going to be leading expect this to happen. Ways to reduce how much this happens would be in a few short an easy steps.

  • Always make sure you are very knowledgeable about the task at hand
  • Make sure your motives are good and you are working towards the goals for the right reasons
  • keep open communication with your followers and keep convincing them that your way is the best way
  • Make sure you show passion and an overwhelming interest in the task that has been trusted to you

 With these four simple steps you can become a great leader where your group is less likely to question your leadership abilities.

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