Music on leadership and psychology.


You may ask yourself, “What does music have to do with leadership and psychology?” Well I think there are two very good correlations between the two.

Leadership on music.

You hear many different leadership quotes come from different musicians throughout history. A musician has a different connection with his followers and inspires them through his music and sometimes actions. A good person to look at is Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven was the connection that led from the Classical era of music in to the romantic era. Up until then, his music was very symmetrical and organized. He was an inspiration to all because he would look at music from a different aspect.

Beethoven wrote and performed the 9th Symphony while he was completely deaf. His leadership style was very tyrannical as he often was very rude to princes and various dukes. His followers were very careful not to make him angry as his temper was fierce. He really carried an immense disliking towards aristocracy. So if he had so many negative qualities why did people keep flocking to him? The answer was that he was very driven with his music and he was very different. He was also a very moral person. I would say he started the romantic era in music.

So what can we learn from Beethoven about leadership? Do not be afraid to take a different approach toward leadership in general. Different leaders are often remembered. We also clearly see that Beethoven was very passionate about his work showing no fear to write music and perform it while completely deaf. He was known to be a protectionist as well. We can see that as I said in my other posts that a leader must have drive and passion for what he is doing.

Music on Psychology

Why do you do better on tests while listening to music? The truth is that is unites both the left and right sides of your brain. The passages between them become stimulated and you are able to send and receive information better.

For more information on music and psychology or Musicology please take a moment to check out this pod cast. They explain what happens in the brain step by step when music is being played. It is a little over an hour long.

You can find help with your leadership style in a lot of unusual places. Music is a great tool to have in your arsenal because it will help stimulate thought. Playing a little music in the background while working in a group to brainstorm ideas will help.

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