A good example of bad PR.

“A man was arrested in Chesapeake, VA after a Chevrolet Dealership sold him a new Chevrolet Traverse for over $5,600 less than the sticker price.

A staff member of the dealership accidentally sold the vehicle for less than he should have, and when they realized the mistake, they tried to get the Danny Sawyer to sign a new, more costly contract for the same vehicle.

Sawyer refused to sign the contract, arguing that he signed the previous one under the agreement of the first price and would not purchase the vehicle for the new price. The company responded by calling local police officials claiming Sawyer had stolen the car.”

Read more at http://www.autoworldnews.com/articles/2453/20121005/car-dealer-buyer-arrested.htm#7WkKvmR2VG6YmPTo.99

This is a classic example of what not to do. The dealership must be very mismanaged and corrupt to allow this to happen. This is clearly very bad public relations for the car dealership, not to mention General Motors, parent company to Chevrolet

Clearly the car was not stolen and Danny’s civil rights have been completely violated because he was wrongfully imprisoned. I worked in the automotive sales business for Chevrolet in the past and one of the biggest things especially being a car dealership is not receiving any negative publicity. Most likely what will happen when they go to trial is that the car dealership will realize that they made a mistake and they will try to settle as soon as possible so that the car dealership is not essentially dragged through the mud with court proceedings and litigation.

I can almost guarantee that their sales are going to drop substantially because of this negative publicity. A lesson learned here for all businesses is that if the business makes a mistake they need to own up to it. I would not be surprised if the car dealership is actually shut down or the management is completely re-staffed because of this problem. With the car dealership needs to remember is that they’re not only representing their own name but they are representing Chevrolet. Chevrolet is not happy with the car dealer and Chevrolet will not let them sell their cars anymore.

No matter where you are in business always keep your morals and check. I was pretty surprised to hear that a car dealership would actually go ahead and call the police. If you ask me on a personal level they essentially cut their own rope. Danny is definitely doing the right thing by filing a lawsuit because this kind of behavior should definitely not be tolerated in any business field. What astounds me is that they reported a car stolen when there was a clear paper trail. When confronted with the problem that might turn into some kind of a lawsuit you must really take small baby steps to figure out what you can do to make it right. The dealership could have called up Danny and explain to him the problem and might have paid the $5600. Now because of ignorance and mismanagement of $5600 problem turned into a $2.2 million problem in a very short amount of time which is why you always take baby steps making sure what your next move is so you do not step on the wrong stone.

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