A good PR situation.

LINK: http://omg.yahoo.com/yo-show/meet-the-price-is-right-s-first-male-model-30890683.html

Lots of times you hear about negative PR and how bad some PR can be. I decided to go ahead and quickly post a topic about a good PR solution for a company. This good PR can be used to really make them look good if they decide to go ahead and use it right.

The very first male model was allowed to be on the Price is right. I think that the price is right can easily take this situation extract some fantastic PR from it. I think that this is really a groundbreaking moment for the modeling industry. The industry has been mainly dominated by females and now males are starting to appear on the scene. The price is right could easily put on there social media networks how they support equal treatment of the sexes. They could also elaborate on different topics and how they do not judge in any way like some other TV shows might. The price is right could also go on to say how the other female models were very welcoming of a male model. This would also be great if they decided to go ahead and talk about how the price is right is managed by people with open minds. When people hear the stereotype “model” they generally assume something like a Victoria’s Secret model. This is a very good idea because it really makes the price is right look good.

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